duracoretex pvc & canvas

"Strength comes from the core"

As used in commercial grade structures

Examples: DIY Marquees, Portland Marquees


Duracoretex PVC Core Strength

In any PVC product the strength comes from the starting core material. All Duracoretex materials have a fibre mesh at their core with optimal mesh density - tightly packed for added strength but vitally leaving sufficient space for subsequent layers to bind together through the mesh. It is the quality of this core that gives duracoretex its strength.


Duracoretex PVC Weights

Although described in gsm (grams per square metre) the weight of a material doesn't tell the full story. Coatings can be added to inferior quality starting cores to obtain similar weight materials resulting in inferior quality end products. The thickness and weight of PVC comes from the number and thickness of coatings. The strength of PVC comes from the core starting material.


Duracoretex PVC flame retardant

All duracoretex materials are flame retardant to British and European Standards and include a laminate finish for ease of cleaning. Thicker threads are woven in to the core mesh regularly to achieve rip-stop properties and all coatings are both waterproof and UV-stablised.