duracoretex pvc & canvas

"Strength comes from the core"

Duracoretex Canvas:

As used in commercial grade canvas material. Exmaple: King Tents

Available in pale or sand shades.

Duracoretex Canvas is a strong, durable and reliable canvas used by tent manufacturers looking for a superior covering for their structures.

Quality matters! Using an inferior canvas risks using a weave that is too tight preventing the fabric from breathing

duracoretex PVC

duracoretex breathable Cotton canvas material

Normal Canvas

Duracoretex Canvas

duracoretex Canvas

duracoretex waterproof Cotton canvas material

Loose Weave Canvas

Duracoretex Canvas

Features of Duracoretex canvas:

Waterproof: (diag 1) A tight weave and proofing ensures Duracoretex Canvas is waterproof (note a regular program of re-proofing is required).

Breathable: (diag 2 of heat waves going up) The weave of Duracoretex is however not too tight to ensure it remains breathable and waterproof.

Windproof: (diag 3) Strong, durable materials ensures the canvas is windproof and suitable for use in high quality structures.

Mould/rot resistant: As with all canvas it is important that Duracoretex Canvas is kept dry between uses. The mould resistant coatings will minimise the risk of mould and/or rot occurring.